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Tonal Vision is a boutique video and music production company in Baltimore, MD. We have many years of experience and deep connections in our industry. Our focus is making professional video simple and affordable for our clients.

We value interesting stories, creative imagery, crystal-clear audio, dynamic editing, relevant music, thorough preparation and follow-up, and harnessing technology to deliver the best possible results.

    Some of our Services

    • Promotional Videos

      Promotional Videos

      • Tell your audience who you are, what you do, why you do it and why they should work with you
      • Introduce your business and staff
      • Show off artistic close-ups of your products
      • Demonstrate with an animated explainer video

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    • Training


      • Hold their attention with a professionally-illustrated close-up demonstration
      • Draw them in with scripted stories and professional actors
      • Interviews with experts and testimonials capture and pass along knowledge
      • Watching others in a class provides well-rounded instruction and role models to emulate
      • Shorter videos work best for meetings and the web
      • Full-featured DVDs and Blu-ray films are designed for commercial sale

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    • Events


      • Grab your audience's attention with an opening video
      • Explain and illustrate important topics during your presentation
      • Promote future events
      • Record the proceedings for those who couldn't attend
      • Relive that special event for years afterward

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    • Music Videos

      Music Videos

      • Art films that truly do justice to your music
      • Marketing videos
      • Simple, inexpensive performance videos
      • Low-cost lyric videos

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    • Performances


      • Capture an entire performance with one or many cameras, a jib, GoPros....
      • Highlights trailers promote your work and future events
      • High-quality audio brings out the best in a video
      • Custom graphics, effects and animations engage and enhance
      • Order taking & fulfillment available
      • DVDs, Blu-rays and web delivery

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    Recent Projects


    • Jacquie Greff

      Jacquie Greff

      President | Producer

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    • Kraig Greff

      Kraig Greff

      Composer | Musician | Audio Engineer

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    • Frank Tybush

      Frank Tybush

      Creative Director

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    • Kim Shapiro

      Kim Shapiro

      Dance Producer | Videographer | Editor

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    • Dee Sambataro

      Dee Sambataro

      Motion Graphics | Artist

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    • Jacquie Greff
    • Kraig Greff
    • Frank Tybush
    • Kim Shapiro
    • Dee Sambataro
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