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Music Videos

Here’s a quite extensive list of different types of music videos. Do me a favor, and even if you hate the artist, give it a chance, because sometimes not great songs have great videos. Also, you’ll see a few different videos from some of the same artists, but that’s because I feel that those videos fit well into different styles.

Music Videos

Lookin' Good for the Video Shoot

Whatever the budget, it’s important for talent (actors, interviewees, or other speakers in the video) to look good. This means advance attention to clothing and make-up. We’ll assume for purposes of this article that the talent just needs to look natural, and that special effects make-up and dramatic or period costumes are not required.

Looking Good

Music for Video Editors

Music for Video

When you're young, you're full of vim and vigor and want everyone to hear that last piece you composed or played or chose for your latest project. Even if you don't play an instrument, when you are first starting out you can have a tendency to boost the volume or conspicuously place your music selection in a way that it's noticed. Hell, it's your choice, and you're proud.

Restaurants & Bars

We’ve all seen the video marketing statistics. Videos in an email increase open and click-through rates and reduce unsubscribes. Visitors spend more time on sites which include video. Online shoppers are more likely to buy products after watching a video.

Restaurant dinner

It’s no surprise, then, that businesses in every industry are taking a serious look at how to incorporate video in their marketing. The purpose of this blog post is to provide video ideas for restaurant and bar businesses. We’ve included our favorites to give you an idea of the best that’s out there.

What is a "Broadcast Quality" HD Camera?

A job I wanted to bid on required "three "HD/SDI 1920X1080 Broadcast Quality Digital cameras". But, what really is "broadcast quality"? The answer was important because a videographer with one level of camera might cost $500 or less, while one with a much better camera could easly be >$1,000.

Broadcast HD Camera

When Voice-Over Professionals Aren't an Option

"Got to tighten the budget" is something we hear a lot these days. Unfortunately, it's true. People are trying to do more with less. We all would like to have Donald James narrate our next commercial, PR piece, or documentary, but often the budget won't allow it.

Low budget film shoot

If you can't afford a top-name voice-over, or even a local voice professional, what else can you do? As audio professionals, we don't advocate the use of non-professionals, but it's the real world and sometimes the money just isn't there. As an audio engineer, I'm not in the habit of recommending this, but if this is the situation, then I'm still an advocate of the best audio possible.

Audio Tips for Video Editors

OK folks, I have to admit I was kind of pushed into this one by my wife Jacquie. But to be fair, my little brain was a blank slate as far as good ideas for an article. She then told me of a few audio mistakes made by her editors and asked if I could write something basic that might help them.

Audio Tips for Video

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