's Digital Photography Unleashed:
Taking Wildly Great Pictures

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Digital Photography Unleashed DVD coverLearn the basics of digital photography in Jim Miotke's DVD, Digital Photography Unleashed: Capturing Wildly Great Photos.

This jam-packed DVD is over 2 hours long. Each of the four segments is just under a half hour, and helpful bonus materials are included as well. The four segments are:

  • Learning the Basics (with Andy the Mountain Lion)
  • Day at the Ranch (where we photograph horses, cowboys, branding, and more)
  • Mastering Further Techniques (with a variety of wildlife models)
  • Exploring Light and Shutter Speed (in Yosemite Valley)

Each segment has a variety of tips and techniques sprinkled throughout.

While enjoying an adventure photographing animals near Yosemite, California, you will:

  • Learn to see and appreciate light
  • Master the "Exposure Triangle"
  • Know how to choose the best ISO, shutter speed, and f-number
  • Understand file formats such as JPEG and Raw
  • Select the right white balance setting
  • Compose with the Rule of Thirds
  • Digital photograph any subject, whether it is your child, a scenic, a close up flower, your favorite pet, your friends and family, and more...

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