• Tell your audience who you are, what you do, why you do it and why they should work with you
  • Introduce your business and staff
  • Show off artistic close-ups of your products
  • Demonstrate with an animated explainer video

Each of the sample videos below has its pricing category listed under it, along with a link for more details. For a free consultation on your project, call us a 410-675-0591 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

$500,000 Horseshoe Challenge Time Lapse

Special Order ($3,500+)

This 30-second broadcast commercial won a TIVA-DC Peer Silver Award in the category "Commercial ($10K and over)." It is a 2-week 3-camera time lapse of world record-holding card stacker Bryan Berg creating a series of Baltimore and Washington, DC buildings from cards.
Client: Horseshoe Casino Baltimore • Jacquie Greff, producer • Frank Tybush, director
Kraig Greff, production assistant • Graphics and audio provided by the Horseshoe Casino

Motorize Titanium Insurance

Special Order ($3,500+)

This is a scripted sales video for an automotive start-up shot in our studio.
Client: Motorize • Jacquie Greff, producer • Frank Tybush, writer/director
Micci Samperi, talent

The Little Mouse

Special Order ($3,500+)

A new take on the traditional demo reel, this story was inspired by Kraig Greff's unusual piano rendition of Three Blind Mice.
Frank Tybush, writer/director • Jacquie Greff, producer, director of photography & editor
Kraig Greff, music & audio • Complete credits at end

Start Hitting Home Runs

Premium ($1,750)

This video highlights our new, slow-motion camera, the Sony NEX-FS700. It was shot on location with the voice-over recorded in our studio.
Client: Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Producer: Jacquie Greff • Camera & editing: Frank Tybush
Music & sound design: Kraig Greff

Max & Associates Workshops

Premium ($1,750)

This video is designed to promote a series of professional development workshops by consultant Leon Frank. It was shot on location at several of his workshops.
Client: Max & Associates • Videographer/Editor: Jacquie Greff

LB Hand Therapy Video Series

Premium ($1,750)

This video is part of a series that uses an informational soft sell to engage potential clients. It was shot in our studio with a green screen background to allow later addition of LB's new logo.
Client: LB Hand Therapy • Jacquie Greff: producer/camera/editor

Kohler Signature Stores

Basic ($1,000)

This video is an internal communication to explain Kohler's new Signature Stores and what they are designed to do for the brand. It was shot on location in their store in Little Italy, Baltimore.
Client: Kohler Signature Store • Frank Tybush: camera • Jacquie Greff: producer/editor

A Simple Cash Flow Solution

Basic ($1,000)

This video is designed to introduce the services of a financial brokerage firm. It was shot in our studio against a white background, which blends nicely with the slides and web site design.
Client: CFS Commercial Finance, Inc. • Videographer/Editor: Jacquie Greff

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