• Tell your audience who you are, what you do, why you do it and why they should work with you
  • Introduce your business and staff
  • Show off artistic close-ups of your products
  • Demonstrate with an animated explainer video

Each of the sample videos below has its pricing category listed under it, along with a link for more details. For a free consultation on your project, call us a 410-675-0591 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

$500,000 Horseshoe Challenge Time Lapse

Special Order ($3,500+)

This 30-second broadcast commercial won a TIVA-DC Peer Silver Award in the category "Commercial ($10K and over)." It is a 2-week 3-camera time lapse of world record-holding card stacker Bryan Berg creating a series of Baltimore and Washington, DC buildings from cards.
Client: Horseshoe Casino Baltimore • Jacquie Greff, producer • Frank Tybush, director
Kraig Greff, production assistant • Graphics and audio provided by the Horseshoe Casino

Motorize Titanium Insurance

Special Order ($3,500+)

This is a scripted sales video for an automotive start-up shot in our studio.
Client: Motorize • Jacquie Greff, producer • Frank Tybush, writer/director
Micci Samperi, talent

The Little Mouse

Special Order ($3,500+)

A new take on the traditional demo reel, this story was inspired by Kraig Greff's unusual piano rendition of Three Blind Mice.
Frank Tybush, writer/director • Jacquie Greff, producer, director of photography & editor
Kraig Greff, music & audio • Complete credits at end

Start Hitting Home Runs

Premium ($1,750)

This video highlights our new, slow-motion camera, the Sony NEX-FS700. It was shot on location with the voice-over recorded in our studio.
Client: Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Producer: Jacquie Greff • Camera & editing: Frank Tybush
Music & sound design: Kraig Greff

Max & Associates Workshops

Premium ($1,750)

This video is designed to promote a series of professional development workshops by consultant Leon Frank. It was shot on location at several of his workshops.
Client: Max & Associates • Videographer/Editor: Jacquie Greff

LB Hand Therapy Video Series

Premium ($1,750)

This video is part of a series that uses an informational soft sell to engage potential clients. It was shot in our studio with a green screen background to allow later addition of LB's new logo.
Client: LB Hand Therapy • Jacquie Greff: producer/camera/editor

A Simple Cash Flow Solution

Basic ($1,000)

This video is designed to introduce the services of a financial brokerage firm. It was shot in our studio against a white background, which blends nicely with the slides and web site design.
Client: CFS Commercial Finance, Inc. • Videographer/Editor: Jacquie Greff

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