Frank Tybush

Frank Tybush

Creative Director

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Cell phone: (716) 541-4803
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Willed into existence some years past, Frank quickly realized he needed to fill his life with constant creations. He’s a sometimes author, sometimes photographer, sometimes musician, sometimes sculpture, and an all-the-time artist. He takes his soul-encompassing passion to push himself, and puts that into his work.

When not off trying to take over the world from his secret volcano lair, Frank is the Creative Director for Tonal Vision. He joined the team in 2010 after relocating his life-force from Buffalo, New York, where he attended college, studying the moon-shattering field that is Media Studies. With him, he brought a well-rounded (and spit-shined) background in film production, included directing, shooting, editing, and script-writing.

As Creative Director, Frank is Tonal Vision’s primary scriptwriter/director. The big picture is always firmly placed in his eyes. His favorite technique is to work backwards from that vision, breaking it down into little pieces with the hammer that is his brain, only to lay out the perfect plan to reconstruct those pieces into the final project.

Currently, Frank has squeezed going back to college into his life. On any given day when he’s not in the Tonal Vision dungeon…I mean office, he can be seen roaming the halls of the art department at the fine arts accredited Community College of Baltimore County. Since they don’t have a degree in “Supreme Master of All-Things Art,” Frank is working on his Fine Arts Degree, with a concentration in Graphic Design.

Some of Frank's work:

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