Jacquie Greff

Jacquie Greff

President | Producer

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Cell phone: (410) 963-4177
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Jacquie's career spans 30+ years, beginning with positions as diverse as bicycle mechanic (college), radio common carrier/answering service branch manager, and legal assistant, followed by 21 years in R&D management with Procter & Gamble. There she helped develop Liquid Tide, helped obtain FDA approval of the fat substitute Olestra, and earned her law degree nights during her time as Beauty Care Regulatory Affairs Section Head.

In addition to her law degree from the University of Maryland, this multi-talented woman holds a BA in Chemistry from Clarke College, an MBA from Arizona State, and an MA in Producing Film and Video from American University.

From its inception in 1990, Jacquie managed Tonal Vision's business affairs, designed and maintained its web site and helped promote her husband Kraig's music. In 2002, she seized the opportunity to join the company full time when Procter & Gamble offered her an early retirement package, joining her husband of 25 years in the family business. She helped expand the business from music and audio into video and multimedia, in the process earning a second Masters in Producing Film & Video from American University in Washington, DC. Jacquie brings the same tireless excellence to her filmmaking that she applied to her corporate job and her education.

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