Advocacy Groups

Is Your Message Being Heard? Advance Your Campaign with a Compelling Video

Do you feel like your organization’s message isn’t being heard? A cleverly crafted advocacy video can help advance your lobbying or advocacy efforts. Our video producers will collaborate with you to create a video message that will help you persuade decision makers and mobilize your supporters.

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Small Businesses

Promote Your Value Proposition Through Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to connect with your target audience. By visualizing key aspects of your unique selling proposition, a promotional video can help you attract, convert and sell to potential customers.

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From our Blog

From our Blog ... Video Messaging: Persuade Your Audience in 5 Min. or Less

Leveraging a well-crafted video message in your advocacy efforts can do wonders for advancing your campaign. The dynamic aspects of video can bring your issue to life and enable you to not just tell your story, to visualize your story in a way that educates, persuades and mobilizes audiences.

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History at Risk Season 5

History at Risk

"History at Risk" is Tonal Vision's web series documentary detailing the more unconventional parts of American history, which has garnered thousands of views on YouTube and Vimeo.  

Now in its fifth season, the History at Risk web video series is focusing on the Broadway Markets, covering their rise, importance, decline, and uncertain future. The markets in Baltimore, MD are the largest public market system in the nation and one of the oldest.  Built in the 1780’s, the Broadway Markets in Fell’s Point once served as a meeting spot for traders coming to Baltimore.  Today, their future is uncertain — only one of the two buildings is open and the other sits empty.

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