What about Cover Bands?

Tonal Vision does not allow the performance of cover songs on Mice in the Attic. There are two reasons:

  1. It’s not legal, unless you’ve negotiated a synch license with the copyright owner - we are posting these videos online to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. Online videos have different licensing requirements than recordings and club performances (references below).
  2. It doesn’t fit in the mission of Mice in the Attic. Our show is designed to showcase the Baltimore music scene. Unless you are performing songs by Baltimore artists, your act does not represent the Baltimore music scene.

Tonal Vision devotes quite a bit of time and money to produce Mice in the Attic. We are a professional video & music production house, and our President, Jacquie Greff, is also a lawyer. We expect our performers to respect our requirements and not to jeopardize our professional standing.

Mice in the Attic

Note that we have agreed to allow at least one prospective band to perform material by other songwriters, in addition to their own songs, after they requested it in advance. We required that the songs they perform must have been created by other Baltimore songwriter(s) who were willing to give them the right to perform their song(s) on our show. The songwriters needed to communicate their permission to us in writing (email OK), and we required that the performers acknowledge the other Baltimore songwriters on air and promote their music.

The other instance when we've allowed the performance of songs that were not original was when the songs were holiday music and were old enough to be in the public domain, i.e., the copyright had expired.


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