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Lookin' Good for the Video Shoot

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Whatever the budget, it’s important for talent (actors, interviewees, or other speakers in the video) to look good. This means advance attention to clothing and make-up. We’ll assume for purposes of this article that the talent just needs to look natural, and that special effects make-up and dramatic or period costumes are not required.

Looking Good

Capture Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) In Video

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Video Marketing

Perhaps the biggest challenge small businesses face is building name recognition, and with about 28 million small businesses in the country, the competition is fierce.

Leveraging VNRs

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Breaking News

Get the TV Coverage You Want with a Video News Release

Would you like to get your organization’s news featured on TV? Then, try a video news release, or VNR. These brief, information-packed videos are jewels for reporters and producers looking for interesting stories to feature in their newscasts. With the 24 hour news cycle becoming the standard, outlets like CNN, FOX and MSNBC are constantly in need of original and interesting news stories.

Outsource vs. In-House

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In-house vs. Outsourcing Video

Should we do our videos in house or outsource them? Like many such decisions, the answer tends to be “it depends”, based on a number of considerations.

Capitol Hill Strategy

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Capitol Hill

Crafting Your Message to Influence Policy

In Capitol Hill's ever-changing (and sometimes turbulent) legislative environment, educating policymakers on your organization's issue can be challenging. With the thousands of advocacy groups vying for legislators' attention, getting your association's voice heard can be challenging. Not only are you competing with other groups, legislators and their staffers are often swamped and don't have time for lengthy briefings.

Beware of the 3-Second Rule

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WOW video

In video marketing, you have three seconds to hook your audience. Here’s how to use them wisely!

Three seconds of video time may not seem very long, but to a viewer three seconds are almost an eternity. This twentieth of a minute is all video producers have to grab a viewer’s attention.

Video Messaging

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Persuade Your Audience

Persuade Your Audience in 5 Minutes or Less

Leveraging a well-crafted video message in your advocacy efforts can do wonders for advancing your campaign. The dynamic aspects of video can bring your issue to life and enable you to not just tell your story, to visualize your story in a way that educates, persuades and mobilizes audiences.

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