Recording Better Audio

We don't typically think of audio first when someone says "video", but your audience's experience of your video is heavily influenced by its audio track. This blog section is a compilation of Kraig's series on "DIY Recording Tips" along with other articles on capturing better audio.


DIY Recording Tips: 2. Microphone basics

Watch and listen carefully - actual microphone demonstrations included!

DIY Recording Tips: 5. Signal Path

The Key to Hooking Things Up

DIY Recording Tips: 8. Acoustic Bass

Choosing & Positioning Microphones to Fine-Tune Your Sound

DIY Recording Tips: 1. Intro

Kraig Greff's introduction to his series "DIY Recording Tips".

DIY Recording Tips: 7. Electric Guitar

Using Microphone Positioning to Fine-Tune Your Sound

DIY Recording Tips: 10. Recording Vocals

Several Useful Tips for Recording Vocals
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