Making Better Video

This blog section includes tips and techniques for improving the quality of the videos you work on.


Original Music & Sound Design

Original Music & Sound Design

A great sound track can bring your film to life, but music and audio are never simple.


Green Screen Techniques

“Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the "Halo" around a person when using the green screen and shooting with HD cameras? The halo surrounds the talent on camera - who, at the moment, are not portraying angels.” This question posted in an online forum promoted such a flurry of responses that I thought I’d summarize and add perspective.

Greenscreen Shoot

Outsource vs. In-House

In-house vs. Outsourcing Video

Should we do our videos in house or outsource them? Like many such decisions, the answer tends to be “it depends”, based on a number of considerations.


Videographer Skills

Videographer Skills
Want to make better videos?

Filming a Presentation with Slides

Well-lit Slide Presentation

Recently, I sent one of our videographers to film a presentation about an artist and her designs, which included slides of her work. The videographer did a great job with the filming, but the edit was a nightmare.


Filming Interviews

Filming Interviews

Interviews are the foundation of many documentaries, news stories, and training and promotional videos.


Audio Tips for Video Editors

OK folks, I have to admit I was kind of pushed into this one by my wife Jacquie. But to be fair, my little brain was a blank slate as far as good ideas for an article. She then told me of a few audio mistakes made by her editors and asked if I could write something basic that might help them.

Audio Tips for Video

Beware of the 3-Second Rule

WOW video

In video marketing, you have three seconds to hook your audience. Here’s how to use them wisely!


Music for Video Editors

Music for Video

When you're young, you're full of vim and vigor and want everyone to hear that last piece you composed or played or chose for your latest project. Even if you don't play an instrument, when you are first starting out you can have a tendency to boost the volume or conspicuously place your music selection in a way that it's noticed. Hell, it's your choice, and you're proud.


Lookin' Good for the Video Shoot

Looking Good

Whatever the budget, it’s important for talent (actors, interviewees, or other speakers in the video) to look good.

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