Dance Videography

These training videos and blog articles were created to help Tonal Vision employees and contractors understand our philosophy and expectations for filming and editing dance performances. The videography training videos are also available in our YouTube playlist.


Intro to Editing Dance

Dance editing is very different than other types of projects editors usually encounter, such as narrative, training or commercials. Dance performance videos are designed show the choreography and highlight the performances of skilled dancers. Dance recital videos also need to show close-ups of the performers for their families, who are often paying for the videos.


Editing Ballet & Lyrical Dances

These dances typically present fluid movement, attractive body line, and posed patterns on the stage, but they may also include grand leaps and other dramatic moves.


Editing Beginner Dances

Typically all performers in these numbers do the same moves, and the dancers are often strung across the stage in a line. They often have several phrases of music where the group comes together in a circle.


Editing Jazz/Hip Hop/Tap/African/Celtic

These dance forms focus more on energy of the dance than the beauty of line, although line is still a factor. Jazz and hip hop use movements in isolated parts of the body to dramatize. Tap is mostly about the feet.


Editing Intermediate Dances

In some dance recitals, this is the dominating category. Many programs do not offer adequate training to produce dance much beyond the beginner level. For this category of dancers, editing can make a huge difference in the apparent quality of the performance.

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