Recording Better Audio

This blog section is a compilation of Kraig's series on "DIY Recording Tips" along with other articles on capturing better audio. We don't typically think of audio first when someone says "video", but your audience's experience of your video is heavily influenced by its audio track.


1. Intro

Kraig Greff's introduction to his series "DIY Recording Tips".


4. Recording Levels

Too Much of A Good Thing?


6. Psychoacoustics

Getting MIDI to Sound Real


9. Acoustic Guitar

3 Mic Set-ups for Stereo Positioning


2. Microphone basics

Watch and listen carefully - actual microphone demonstrations included!


5. Signal Path

The Key to Hooking Things Up


7. Electric Guitar

Using Microphone Positioning to Fine-Tune Your Sound


10. Recording Vocals

Several Useful Tips for Recording Vocals


Sound for Live Event Videos

Singer at Concert

Musicians are spoiled! They record singles and albums in acoustically-treated studios filled with expensive equipment and highly-trained engineers, then spend days or weeks mixing, editing and mastering to get the sound exactly right. When they perform in big venues, they are serviced by a team of AV people with racks of equipment and a collage of speakers. When they hire a videographer to film their performance, they expect the same sound quality. Why not? What’s the problem?


8. Acoustic Bass

Choosing & Positioning Microphones to Fine-Tune Your Sound


When Voice-Over Professionals Aren't an Option

"Got to tighten the budget" is something we hear a lot these days. Unfortunately, it's true. People are trying to do more with less. We all would like to have Donald James narrate our next commercial, PR piece, or documentary, but often the budget won't allow it.

Low budget film shoot
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