When to Use Video for your Hybrid Event

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Why Hybrid Events?

As we slowly crawl through the last iteration of Covid, everyone is tallying things they want to return to and changes they’d like to keep. Hybrid events, events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences, can cover both.

Considered to be the new normal, hybrid events offer a lot of benefits. They are inclusive, allowing anyone to attend, regardless of distance and other physical limitations. As a result, the event is more accessible so attendance is better. They are easier to organize and minimize physical space, refreshments and accommodation issues. They are more environmentally friendly and health risks are minimized. They offer enhanced sponsorship opportunities and improved audience data collection. The online content can live as long as you’d like and can be easily repurposed.

In spite of the benefits, hybrid events can be challenging and difficult to do effectively. Remote attendees haven’t made same the investment to attend, so they may be less tolerant to technical difficulties and human frailties. They often don’t feel as involved as physical attendees do and may not benefit as much from the networking of in-person meetings. On the other hand, remote participants are not restricted in time and space the way physical attendees are, so they may actually be able to attend more talks and engage in longer conversations.

When to Use Professional Video

Events, whether in-person, remote or hybrid, require a lot of support: promotional and scheduling materials, slides and hand-outs, videos, speakers/presenters/performers, support staff of many varieties, physical spaces and communications equipment. A Zoom video is simple and inexpensive, but well-done professional videos require more money and time because of the need for extensive planning, equipment, crew, and post-production editing. As a result, professional videos have better audio-visual quality and tend to hold the audience’s attention. Although they lack the immediacy of live-streamed presentations and performances, they also have fewer technical difficulties and presenter stumbles.

Every event has unique goals and objectives, as well as cost trade-offs. Live-streamed and Zoom-type video tends to be used exclusively for remote attendees, while professional video is designed for both remote and in-person audiences. Some situations that benefit from professional video:

  • Short attention-grabbers that set the stage for the rest of the event.
  • Important messages where the spokesperson needs to look and sound their best, especially if that person isn’t available at the right time and place or doesn’t come across well in public.
  • Concepts that are difficult to see or reproduce, or that show a location where the audience can’t go, such as videos that use magnification, drone shots and time lapse.
  • When video has been created for an event or recorded during an event, editing afterward to develop condensed highlights and topic summaries for evergreen materials can be a great investment.


Baltimore City 21st Century School Buildings

Baltimore’s 21st Century School Buildings Program was opening six new, state-of-the-art schools in two ribbon-cutting events in late August 2021. Because of Covid, attendance at the ribbon-cuttings was by invitation only so the events were also live-streamed. Tonal Vision was given early access to capture footage of the new facilities, including drone views, then create edited videos so attendees could experience them without a group visit. Afterward, we created a commemorative video for each school that included remarks by the principal, student and City officials.

Howard County Recycling

Howard County Bureau of Environmental Services, Recycling Division usually goes into schools in the fall to familiarize students with their recycling and trash removal services. This year, they are adding food scrap collection/composting, but anticipated not being able to do their regular presentations. Instead, they asked Tonal Vision to create a fun, animated video showing what types of waste belong in each bin that could be shown in schools as well as on their web page.

Morton Street Dance

Morton Street Dance Center, Inc. was uncomfortable performing their annual June 2021 recital for large audiences in a traditional indoor setting. Instead, they rented a theater for two and a half days and asked Tonal Vision to film individual class performances, which allowed time for rehearsals, several takes, and thorough cleanings between classes. Afterward, we edited the performances into Adventures in Mortonsville a “movie” that Morton Street presented to outdoor audiences in the evening, as well as offering on DVD and flash drives.

Other area dance companies took different approaches to their June 2021 recitals. Backstage Dance held a series of smaller recitals at the James Rouse Theater in Columbia for limited audiences. Our videographer fed one camera to a Zoom live-stream, then we provided complete edits to the school for participants to download.

The Upper Falls Dance Company used a similar method at the Bel Air Armory, except we provided next-day digital downloads from the wide camera, followed by edited videos on DVD.

The James M. Bennett High School on the Eastern Shore couldn’t do their annual big-stage Rock & Roll Revival in 2021, so they filmed the individual performances via camera and/or drone, we edited the footage together, along with photos and clips from last year, into a commemorative video with public showings and DVD sales.

Need Some Help?

If you are planning an event that could benefit from video, consider engaging a qualified, professional company like Tonal Vision to lend their expertise and you will have the advantage of their skills to show your organization in the best light possible. Contact us for a free consultation.

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