In-Studio Streaming

with the Teradek Cube & Blackmagic Switcher

In this training video, streaming producer Kraig B. Greff explains how to use Tonal Vision's Teradek Cube and Blackmagic Switcher to live stream from our studio. We live stream on a bi-weekly basis for our "Mice in the Attic" music performance series, as well as for commercial projects on an on-demand basis. The video illustrates on live-streaming "Mice in the Attic" to Facebook, a free platform, but we can also stream to other platforms as needed.

This video was produced by Tonal Vision for our streaming support crew and videographers who occasionally need to use this system. However, we are also making it openly available to others who may find it helpful.

Instructor: Kraig B. Greff
Videographer: Mya Montgomery
Producer/Editor: Jacquie Greff

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