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The Kohler Signature Showroom

Kohler Signature Stores

An Exhibition of Quality, Style, and Heritage

When it comes to advertising, some may say that retailers and manufacturers have a slight advantage over sellers of services since they possess the ability to demonstrate and show consumers a tangible product. Although sellers of goods benefit from tangibility, their promotional efforts can prove fruitless if they don’t package their visual assets and promotional message appropriately.

The management of the Kohler Signature Store in Baltimore know that their showroom is an advertising gem and have leveraged it to raise aware of the company’s quality workmanship, stylish brands, and strong heritage in the industry.

In a brief but well-crafted explainer video, the spokesperson, David Doyle, takes viewers through a showroom tour designed to generate customers for Kohler’s kitchen and bath product line.

There are notable marketing tactics that Doyle employed to make this explainer video effective. Take a look at the video and notice how Doyle executed the following marketing tactics:

Manage Viewer Expectations—At the onset, Doyle gives viewers a brief overview of what will be discussed in the video. Right away, this tells viewers what to expect and let’s them make a decision whether to continue watching or not.

Communicate A Clear USP—A unique selling proposition (USP) is stated at the beginning of the video. Doyle clearly articulates how the Baltimore signature showroom differs from other Kohler showrooms by highlighting its “Artist & Industry Program” and its “Artist Edition” message.

Highlight Product Differentials—Capitalizing on Kohler’s well-respected brand, Doyle meticulously show off high quality materials and finishes, impeccable workmanship and stylish concepts that Kohler puts into designing and manufacturing its countertops, fixtures and kitchen and bath accessories.

Explain Your Process. Although the video is brief—less than five minutes—Doyle did not miss the opportunity to highlight Kohler’s design process. In so doing, he described the process, engagement options, and how design services can be delivered at the showroom or at the customer’s home.

Position Your Company as an Industry Leader—Doyle also took time to highlight the company’s historical timeline, which dates back to Kohler’s founding in 1873. This is a clever marketing tactic as it reinforces Kohler’s position as a longstanding authority and leader in the industry.

For retailers and manufacturers, the Kohler promotional video is a great example of how to promote your retail location, showroom, warehouse, or factory. Although each company is different, if you concentrate on the above strategies when producing your promotional video, your message will certainly spark interest in your target audience, and help you generate qualified leads.