Video for Nonprofits

Looking for information on how to use video to support your cause and communicate your message? These blog articles contain ideas and tips to help with this struggle.


Filming a Presentation with Slides

Well-lit Slide Presentation

Recently, I sent one of our videographers to film a presentation about an artist and her designs, which included slides of her work. The videographer did a great job with the filming, but the edit was a nightmare.


Nonprofit Video Ideas


Now more than ever, nonprofits are using video in their marketing and outreach campaigns.


Luring the Media to Your Event

Lure Press to Event

Having the press cover your event can create just the buzz you need to raise your organization’s visibility at a local, regional or even national level, and increase public support for your cause.


The Eye of the Writer

Script writer

Despite what the dictionary says, a script is so much more than just "the text of a manuscript or document". A script is the heart and soul of your video before you even make it.


Outsource vs. In-House

In-house vs. Outsourcing Video

Should we do our videos in house or outsource them? Like many such decisions, the answer tends to be “it depends”, based on a number of considerations.


Should We Be Streaming?

Live Webinar

Live streaming is the latest video marketing strategy and is getting lots of hype. But, would live streaming be a good investment for your organization?


Capitol Hill Strategy

Capitol Hill

Crafting Your Message to Influence Policy


Becoming Camera Ready

Becoming Camera Ready

Tips for Mastering TV Interviews


Conference Video Marketing


Enhance Your Conference Experience with Video


Grassroots Video Case Study

Grassroots Video Case Study

A well-positioned advocacy video can be highly effective in helping build public support for your cause.


Reach More People with Your Video

Extend the Reach of Your Video

Producing a great video is only half the battle. Once you have it, SEO, promotion and paid advertising will allow it reach as large an audience as possible.


Beware of the 3-Second Rule

WOW video

In video marketing, you have three seconds to hook your audience. Here’s how to use them wisely!


Leveraging VNRs

Breaking News

Get the TV Coverage You Want with a Video News Release


Video Messaging

Persuade Your Audience

Persuade Your Audience in 5 Minutes or Less

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