Video Marketing

A well-crafted promotional video is a great way to introduce your business. This blog section contains ideas and tips for making better use of video in your marketing.


Should We Be Streaming?

Live Webinar

Live streaming is the latest video marketing strategy and is getting lots of hype. But, would live streaming be a good investment for your organization?


Capture Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Video Marketing

Perhaps the biggest challenge small businesses face is building name recognition, and with about 28 million small businesses in the country, the competition is fierce.


The Kohler Signature Showroom

Kohler Signature Stores

An Exhibition of Quality, Style, and Heritage


Animation vs. Actors

Animation vs. actors

When it comes to deciding the format for a video, a major choice is whether to use actors or animation.


Music Video Examples

Here’s a quite extensive list of different types of music videos.

Music Videos

Reach More People with Your Video

Extend the Reach of Your Video

Producing a great video is only half the battle. Once you have it, SEO, promotion and paid advertising will allow it reach as large an audience as possible.


Becoming Camera Ready

Becoming Camera Ready

Tips for Mastering TV Interviews


The Eye of the Writer

Script writer

Despite what the dictionary says, a script is so much more than just "the text of a manuscript or document". A script is the heart and soul of your video before you even make it.


Crafting a Video Message that Sells

Selling Techniques

When it comes to selling, the written word has lost a lot of its punch. Instead, customers have come to find video messaging much more informative, engaging and persuasive than print ads.


Video Ideas for Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant dinner

The purpose of this blog post is to provide video ideas for restaurant and bar businesses. We’ve included our favorites to give you an idea of the best that’s out there.


Beware of the 3-Second Rule

WOW video

In video marketing, you have three seconds to hook your audience. Here’s how to use them wisely!


Shrinking Attention Spans?

Attention span of a goldfish

We’ve all heard the bad news. Our youth now have attention spans shorter than our pet goldfish.


Outsource vs. In-House

In-house vs. Outsourcing Video

Should we do our videos in house or outsource them? Like many such decisions, the answer tends to be “it depends”, based on a number of considerations.

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