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Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto

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Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto DVD Told through the memories and drawings of little Genio and narrated by family friend, Bernard Bragg, “Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto” is a docudrama film about a boyhood resident of that Ghetto. Deafened early in the war, Genio and his family struggle to survive persecution in Nazi occupied Poland. Behind the Ghetto wall, they find a community of people who refuse to let the Germans strip them of their identity. A community that keeps their culture, their family, and their love alive. But the Germans are determined to destroy them, and their determination is deadly.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Seattle Deaf Film Festival, 2016 Official Selection
  • Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival, 2016 Official Selection, Certificate of Appreciation Ministry of Culture
  • Direct Short Online Film Festival (15 min. short version of film), 2016 Official Selection
  • Pavlovsk LCV Deaf College Arts Festival, 2015 Official Selection
  • DC Peer Award, Bronze 2015 - Docudrama (under $50K)
  • Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival, 2015 Official Selection
  • Move Me Productions Belgium Short Film Festival (15 min. short version of film), 2016 Official Selection


Directed by

Alexander Genievsky

Written by

Dr. Eugene Bergman
Alexander Genievsky


Dr. Eugene Bergman ..... as himself
Wesley Brown ….. Genio (Eugene Bergman) as a boy
Bernard Bragg ….. ASL narrator
James Radack ….. Genio's Uncle Borys
Veronika Downes ….. Genio's mother, Sara
Phil Piruzzi Filsoof ….. Genio's father
Mary Suib ….. Genio's grandmother
David Berkenbilt ….. Genio's grandfather
Kelly Hutchison ..... Marysia Eizenstadt
David Phillip Carollo ….. Genio's brother, Dadek
Alec Weinberg ….. Genio's brother Bronek as a boy
Bronek Bergman ….. Genio's brother Bronek today
Mat Edelson ..... voice of Dr. Eugene Bergman
Thomas Olson ….. voice of Bernard Bragg

Cast: Soldiers & Police

Ed Klein ..... German Soldier
Larry Curran ..... German Soldier
Juan Carrera ..... German Soldier
Henry Hickerson ..... German Soldier
Kevin R. Sidenstricker ..... German Soldier, nightclub
Lew Diuguid ..... German Soldier, Treblinka train
Juan Carrera ..... Jewish Policeman
Michael Pierce ..... Polish policeman

Additional Cast, in order of appearance

David Heath Blake ….. boy playing sticks with Genio
Theo Halligan ….. boy playing sticks with Genio
Alexander Genievsky ….. felon
Ryan Sellers ….. young man accosted by felon
Bernie Cohen ….. Genio's tutor
Steve Woodka ….. Abram Rubinstajn, mad clown of the Ghetto
Frank Tybush ….. man in Ghetto donating money
Kelly Hutchison …. woman in Ghetto donating food
Kevin Sidenstricker ….. man in Ghetto donating cigarette
Juan Eloy Carrera ….. German soldier
David Phillip Carollo ….. man in Ghetto selling gold tooth
Peter Muggleworth ….. Polish man buying gold tooth
Skyler Jenkins ….. man without ID trying to leave Ghetto
Steve Woodka ….. man coming into Ghetto
Zach Steffey ….. man leaving Ghetto
Steve Izant ….. David Eizenstadt, Marysia's father
Ron Northcraft ….. the snatcher
Maria Callier ….. Ghetto woman hitting the snatcher
Peter Balcke ….. Ghetto man pulling on the snatcher
Pam Balcke ….. Ghetto man pulling on the snatcher
Christie Starley ….. Hanna Perlman, entertainer
Joshua Malave ….. young male dancer
Kraig Greff ….. accordionist
Janet Kuperstein ….. violinist
Valerie Henry ….. mature female dancer
John D. Curd, Jr. ….. mature male dancer
Yalda Moslehian ….. waitress
Steve Woodka ….. smuggler
Frank Tybush ….. smuggler
Afnan Lieb ….. young female dancer
Alex Nemirovsky ….. night club patron
Kelly Hutchinson ….. escort lady
Deborah Sapolsky ….. housewife
Ron Northcraft ….. Ghetto man in column
Michael Pierce ….. Ghetto man in column
Maria Callier ….. Ghetto woman in column
Petra Smeltzer ….. Ghetto woman in column
Kim Shapiro ….. Ghetto woman in column
Eugene Bergman ….. Ghetto man in column
Daniela Sambataro ….. Ghetto woman in column
Gizan Glyer ….. Ghetto man in column
Christie Starley ….. woman leaving Ghetto
Herbert Moscoso ….. funeral man
Dillin Olshonsky ….. funeral man
Scott Brown ….. "corpse"
Sonas Swerholt ….. neighbor who is shot

Produced by

Jacqueline Greff
Dr. Eugene Bergman
Alexander Genievsky

Music by

Kraig B. Greff

Casting by

Carol W. Davis, LLC, Independent Casting Services

Production Manager

Jacqueline Greff

Assistant Director

Frank Tybush

Production Department

Jacqueline Greff ..... videographer
Frank Tybush ….. videographer
Kraig Greff ….. field recordist
Elizabeth Tybush ….. videographer & audio assistant
Kim Shapiro ….. videographer
Bonnie Kasperek ….. videographer
Christie Wagner ….. production assistant
Valerie Henry ..... choreographer

Costumes, Wardrobe & Props

Alexander Genievsky ..... coordination & props
Dr. Eugene Bergman ..... props
Larry Curran ..... props
Jacqueline Greff ..... props
Frank & Elizabeth Tybush ..... props
Ethan Sinnott ..... costumes & props assistance
Jacob Fisher ..... props assistance
Brian Dettling, Stage Armament Solutions ..... armorer
Kim Shapiro ..... costume design & props
Margo Harvey ..... costume design

Music & Sound Department

Kraig Greff ..... narration recordist, music composer, sound designer, music & sound editor, keyboards & accordion
Christopher Huntington ..... guitar
Dan Hones ..... bass

Post-Production Department

Jacqueline Greff ….. coordinator, lead Final Cut editor, lead After Effects editor
Claire Bergman ….. lead artist & design consulting
Frank Tybush ….. graphic design, background designs, Final Cut editor
Daniela Sambataro ….. animations & background design
Lindsey Nixon ….. Final Cut editor
Kim Shapiro ….. Final Cut editor, web designer & Indiegogo campaign manager

Sign Language Interpreters

Sabrina Bergman ….. lead ASL interpreter
Diane Chambers ….. ASL interpreter
Alexandra Day (Anita Pearlmutter Nilmodian) ….. ASL interpreter
Katie Evans ….. ASL interpreter
Courtney Nimersheim ….. ASL interpreter
Becca Souder ….. ASL interpreter
Juliana Vadala ….. ASL interpreter
Michelle Walsh ….. ASL interpreter
Heather Watson ….. ASL interpreter
Kerry Wecht ….. ASL interpreter
Erin Welsh …… ASL interpreter
Jennifer West ….. ASL interpreter

Filming Locations

Gallaudet University Green Screen TV Studio
Tonal Vision
Hearing & Speech Agency of Baltimore
Baltimore Holocaust Memorial Park
Baltimore Inner Harbor
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC



Donors of Services

  • Eugene Bergman
  • Claire Bergman
  • Sabrina Bergman
  • Alexander Genievsky
  • Jacqueline Greff
  • Kraig Greff
  • Bernard Bragg
  • Wesley Brown, Scott Brown & family
  • Bronek Bergman
  • David Berkenbilt
  • Peter Balcke
  • Pam Balcke
  • David Heath Blake
  • Maria Callier
  • David Phillip Carollo
  • Juan Carrera
  • Diane Chambers
  • Bernie Cohen
  • John D. Curd, Jr.
  • Larry Curran
  • Carol W. Davis, LLC, Independent Casting
  • Lew Diuguid
  • Veronika Downes
  • Katie Evans
  • Phil Piruzzi Filsoof
  • Gizan Glyer
  • Margo Harvey
  • Theo Halligan
  • Valerie Henry
  • Henry Hickerson
  • Kelly Hutchison
  • Steve Izant
  • Skyler Jenkins
  • Bonnie Kasperek
  • Ed Klein
  • Janet Kuperstein
  • Afnan Lieb
  • Joseph Malave
  • Herbert Moscoso
  • Yalda Moslehian
  • Peter Muggleworth
  • Alex Nemirovsky
  • Courtney Nimersheim
  • Ron Northcraft
  • Dillin Olshonsky
  • Thomas Olson
  • Michael Pierce
  • James Radak
  • Daniela Sambataro
  • Deborah Sapolsky
  • Ryan James Edward Sellers
  • Kim Shapiro
  • Kevin R. Sidenstricker
  • Petra Smeltzer
  • Becca Souder
  • Christie Starley
  • Sheri Stroud
  • Zach Steffey
  • Mary Blake Suib
  • Sonas Swerholt
  • Elizabeth Tybush
  • Frank Tybush
  • Juliana Vadala
  • Michelle Walsh
  • Heather Watson
  • Alec Weinberg
  • Erin Welsh
  • Kerry Wecht
  • Jennifer West
  • Steve Woodka

Financial Donors

  • Robert & Sue Mather
  • Brian Bergman
  • William Zeringue
  • Larry & Judy Curran
  • Stephen & Dorothy Brenner
  • Scott & Martina Brown
  • Jeffrey & Susan Cohen
  • Sabrina Bergman
  • Dr. Richard Rosen
  • Tamara Hansborough
  • Wendy Bergman
  • T. Alan & Vicki T. Hurwitz
  • Kay Lam
  • David Leigh
  • Anita Patihi
  • Mike Pierce
  • Susan & Curt Robbins
  • David Seltzer
  • Kim Shapiro
  • Michelle A. Walsh
  • Maurice & Donna Yaglom
  • Sonia (Zeringue) Cruz
  • Shauna Keenan
  • Mark D. Richter
  • David Berkenbilt
  • Louis & Annie Lederfeind
  • Evelyn B. Matles
  • Liz Nirenberg
  • Shari Fox
  • Eugene & Claire Bergman
  • Kraig & Jacquie Greff
  • Alexander Genievsky

Key Contacts

Jacqueline Greff, Production Manager
Tonal Vision LLC
1607 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
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Eugene Bergman, Ph.D., Principal Author
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Alexander Genievsky, Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. VP phone: 240-920-0101

Frank Tybush, Assistant Director
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