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Season 1, Episode 12: Joanna Blake & her “Undaunted in Battle” memorial

In the final episode of the season, Frank talks with an artist about art’s role in history, and finds that sometimes, the most emotional art can come from a remembering a defeat.

Frank's Thoughts

I've been very involved with this project because not only was I there to see the statue right after it was finished being carved, but I got to go back and see it at the foundry, and again when it was placed in Bladensburg.  I am going to be there this summer for an event commemorating the 200th anniversary of the battle.  Out of all the episodes, this is the one I feel closest to.

Jacquie's thoughts

This has been an interesting experience - watching Frank struggle with this series, and come to a realization that history is important to him and should be to the rest of us as well. He was so enthusiastic and committed, I gave him permission to go ahead with a few more episodes. I really hope I don't regret that decision.

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