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Season 2, Episode 1: Battleship North Carolina

In Wilmington, North Carolina, Frank finds a true example of crowd-funding: a World War II battleship saved by children and their milk money.

Frank's Thoughts

In researching possible topics for the Carolina trip, I happened upon Wilmington. The town seemed to offer a plethora of different historical subjects. I was trying to decide which topic to focus on, when the choice was made for me. How can you not focus on a battleship that is parked in the city? I was immediately intrigued, especially since they were having an Easter Egg hunt right when I was going to be down there. Most of the military vessels turned museums I have visited seemed to take a more passive approach to history. Basically, “here we are, come and see us if you want.” But Battleship North Carolina was actively bringing people in, and not just for historical events. I knew then, I had to visit and see what this was all about.

When I got there, I almost thought the day was going to be a wash, because of bad weather. The skies kept throwing a rain drop or two and the water surrounding the parking lot kept inching closer, but in the end, we got to go on the ship and see how amazing it was. Programs Director, Danielle Wallace, was great and the event seemed to be a smashing success, especially from the amount of people that attended.

I am always in awe of big ships, and this was the first time I was on a ship of this style and size. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, especially on a non-event day, so I can spend hours touring the ship and really taking it in.

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