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Season 2, Episode 4: Brookgreen Gardens & the Gullah Geechee

Frank stays at Brookgreen Gardens to learn about modern Gullah Geechee culture and its history.

Frank's Thoughts

I originally thought we were going to have one interview at Brookgreen Gardens, so when I was informed that we had two interviews set up, I was a bit surprised. Especially after the first interview (link to last episode). I wasn’t quite sure what else about the history of the gardens I was going to learn.

What occurred turned into one of my favorite interviews of all time. There is behind-the-scenes clip floating around the History at Risk computer, where I am literally hopping because I was so excited with the interview. It was one of those perfect moments. I was completely blindsided. I thought it was going to be more on Brookgreen Gardens, instead, Ron exposed me to the Gullah Geechee culture.

Take my advice, if you are ever lucky enough to meet Ron, talk with him for a bit. You’ll thank me for it.

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