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Season 3, Episode 7: Comics & Diversity

Comics may tell fantastical stories about the future, but they are largely stuck in the past when it comes to diversity. In this episode, Frank talks with Erica Schultz, writer of M3, about comics and their history with diversity.

Frank's Thoughts

I could talk for hours about diversity and representation, not only in comics but in all forms of media. It’s a topic that I follow closely and am passionate about.

So when I met Erica at the Baltimore Comic Con, it was amazing. Here is a woman working in comics, a field that has a sad lack of diversity. You need only walk through the tables at any comic con to see the staggering lack of anyone who isn't a white male.

But those artists and writers are out there.

I suggest to everyone, if you go to a comic con, wander through the artist’s alley and talk with everyone. Don’t talk with just the comic book writers and artists you've heard of, talk to the ones you've never heard of. That’s how I met Erica, and you might be surprised at who you’ll meet.

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