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Season 5, Episode 1: Introduction to the Broadway Markets

In this first episode of Season 5, History at Risk introduces viewers to the Broadway Markets in Baltimore’s Fell’s Point Historic District, their rise, importance and uncertain future. New host, Dee (Daniela Sambataro), takes over as former host Frank Tybush sends her ridiculous excuses about his absence.

Dee’s Thoughts

Really, Frank? Couldn’t even show up for the first episode? Ugh. Luckily for him and everyone watching, I found something interesting at his desk about the Broadway Markets. Before now, I just thought “ Oh, an abandoned building and some food random food shops in the middle of Fells Point. Nothing special”. But now I’m starting to see that the community really cares about these markets. Even better than that, Frank cares about these markets, and if I can get a one up on him at something, then that makes it worth a long look at.

Jacquie’s Thoughts

When the Marketplace at Fell’s Point project started, I was working with Dave Holmes and Dan Winner to film materials for a documentary on the project. After it floundered with the Great Recession, the documentary was put on hold and I wondered if I would ever be able to use the footage. The project team eventually found a new developer to finish the project, but the Broadway Markets were not part of it. A project designed to revitalize that part of the neighborhood and bring back the original grandeur of the North Market had only accomplished the first half of its objective. The North Market has become a casualty of time, sitting empty for years, dragging down with it nearby businesses, including those in the Marketplace project. This season of History at Risk is my attempt to connect the past and present, the community and the city government, and to follow the Broadway Markets into the future.

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