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Season 5, Episode 3: The Road Fight

In this third episode of History at Risk Season 5, new host, Dee (Daniela Sambataro) forges ahead in spite of the continuing excuses from former host Frank Tybush to learn what people are talking about when they refer to the "Road Fight" in Fell's Point. She seeks out such diverse sources as Lu Fisher, first President of the Preservation Society, Bob Eney, the person most responsible for getting Fell's Point on the National Register, Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Konstantine Prevas.

Dee’s Thoughts

Not gonna lie, when I first heard about "The Road Fight", I was hoping for a Mad Max style battle in the middle of Fell’s Point, but this was still quite interesting. Barbra Mikulski had a group who took shots and named themselves S.C.A.R. She stood on tables and yelled at politicians. Sounds like a good time. And how genius was it for Bob Eney to think of turning this into a historic district to prevent a highway from tearing this all down? Now if only I can come up with a good enough reason to get Frank ... never mind.

Jacquie’s Thoughts

This feels a little off-topic, since the Broadway Markets weren't directly at issue during the Road Fight. However, this portion of Fell's Point history is such a great "David vs. Goliath" story with so many twists and angles, it's worth telling again. The community is starting to accumulate a number of ghosts from the past who will never be heard from again, and it's great to be able to show some of them in their prime and to hear directly from them.

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