History at Risk Season 5

Baltimore’s markets are the largest market system in the nation and one of the oldest.  Built in the 1780’s, the Broadway Markets once served as a meeting spot for traders coming to Baltimore.  Today, their future is uncertain — only one of the two buildings is open and the other sits empty.

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History at Risk is a web series/documentary detailing the more unconventional parts of American history.  Through animation and interviews with both experts and locals, the series has garnered thousands of views on YouTube and Vimeo.  In its fifth season, History at Risk will focus on the Broadway Markets in Fell’s Point. 

Episode 1: Introduction to the Broadway Markets

In this first episode of Season 5, History at Risk introduces viewers to the Broadway Markets in Baltimore’s Fell’s Point Historic District, their rise, importance and uncertain future. New host, Dee (Daniela Sambataro), takes over as former host Frank Tybush sends her ridiculous excuses about his absence.

Episode 2: History

In this second episode of History at Risk Season 5, Dean Krimmel of Creative Museum Services/Qm2 gives the history of the Broadway Markets in Baltimore’s Fell’s Point Historic District. New host, Dee (Daniela Sambataro) moves ahead in spite of the continuing excuses from former host Frank Tybush. And a ghost from the past, Konstantine Prevas, former owner of the Prevas Bros. lunch counter in the markets, tells us how things used to be in the 1900's.

Episode 3: The Road Fight

In this third episode of History at Risk Season 5, new host, Dee (Daniela Sambataro) forges ahead in spite of the continuing excuses from former host Frank Tybush to learn what people are talking about when they refer to the "Road Fight" in Fell's Point. She seeks out such diverse sources as Lu Fisher, first President of the Preservation Society, Bob Eney, the person most responsible for getting Fell's Point on the National Register, Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Konstantine Prevas.

Episode 4: The Markets Go Downhill

In this fourth episode of History at Risk Season 5, Dee, our new host, learns some of the causes of the Broadway Markets' current problems. Several fires damaged the North Market in the 1960's, destroying its brick 2nd floor and the shed building behind it. Instead of rebuilding, the City downsized the markets to make room for more parking. A group of Florida investors brought many of the nearby businesses, planning to tear them down. When the Urban Renewal Plan prevented demolition, the buildings sat empty and decaying for a decade.

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