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    Tonal Vision is a woman-owned video and music production company who work with small businesses, cause-related organizations, and performers to create high quality video messages that promote their cause, their passion, and/or their livelihood.

We can help

Small Businesses

Promote your value proposition and attract new customers


Advance your campaign with a compelling video


Put your story in motion and captivate your audience with multi-camera video

Live streaming

Livestream your message or performance

Who we are

Who we are
Tonal Vision is a woman-owned video and music production company in Baltimore, MD who have mastered the art of storytelling.
Tonal Vision was founded in 1990 as a music production house by performing & recording artist Kraig Greff.
Mice in the Attic

Mice in the Attic" is our biweekly streaming music series showcasing Baltimore’s music scene.

Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto
When we aren't doing commercial work, we enjoy producing and editing documentaries, including "Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto".

From our blog

How-to and training
Our blog includes how-to and training videos, such as Kraig's DIY Recording Tips.
Animation vs Actors
We also have marketing tips, such as whether to use actors or animation in your video.
Lookin' Good

"Lookin' Good for the Video Shoot" is one of our most popular articles.

Music & Sound Design
Of course, we also write about our passions.

Compelling Messages Through Video

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