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Jan. 31, 2019: Madeleine Arnoult

We are proud to feature Madeleine Arnoult as our eighth act from Mice in the Attic, Tonal Vision’s live streaming music series. Madeleine is a local Baltimore musician and elementary music teacher with Baltimore Curriculum Project.

Madeleine is studying media and communications with a focus on social media. She works to make her music an inclusive project, allowing people to send in personal stories and working with groups of people to broaden her storytelling and make her music relatable to anyone. She considers this approach as a large collective project. “It’s not just about what I’m going through, or have gone through. It’s about the moments we all go through.”

Madeleine says *My favorite food is junk, and my giant cats name is Charlie. I’m the old of 6 and an Aries, I’m a curious child in the body of an adult. Lmao."

To learn more about Madeleine Arnoult and listen to her music, visit:

Set List

When the Devil Comes
For My Own


Host: Alex Carle, City Line Kids
Producer & Streaming Manager: Kraig Greff
Business Manager & Videographer: Jacquie Greff
Copywriter & Photographer: Mya Montgomery
Graphic Artist: Dee Sambataro