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April 11, 2019: Will Alton

Tonal Vision featured William Alton as our thirteenth act from Mice in the Attic, Tonal Vision’s live streaming music series. Will is a Baltimore-based bluegrass singer-songwriter. Visit his web page at

“Mice in the Attic” is Tonal Vision’s new multi-camera live streaming program designed to showcase the depth and breadth of Baltimore’s music scene and to give up-and-coming performers the opportunity for broader exposure. Alex Carle, the lead singer of City Line Kids, hosts the series.

Set List

“Something More”
An Untitled Song
"Sunshine Girl"
"The Line Between"


Host: Alex Carle, City Line Kids
Producer & Streaming Manager: Kraig Greff
Business Manager & Videographer: Jacquie Greff
Editor: Kim Shapiro
Copywriter: Mya Montgomery
Graphic Artist: Dee Sambataro