The Gift

a film by Alexander Genievsky

The Gift The Gift is a story of kindness, tragicomedy, communication barriers and love. It centers around a couple, Iron (a hearing musician) and Tara (a deaf dancer). Iron rescues Tara from a train accident and falls in love with her. But it is a star-crossed love because Tara expects Iron to understand her by learning to sign, and this is something he finds difficult. The film also sheds light on American Sign Language and some technology (Cochlear Implant) that is controversial in the Deaf community. The plot ends with a tragicomic twist turning upside down the relationship between Tara and Iron.

Awards & Recognition

  • Best Picture Nominee: Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival 2011
  • Best Picture Nominee: AbilityFest 2011, Chennai, India
  • Top List of Winners: Amsterdam International Deaf Film Festival 2011
  • Official Selection: Hong Kong International Film Festival 2012
  • Official Selection: Utah Valley University Film Festival 2012
  • Official Selection: Moscow Disability Film Festival 2012
  • Audience Award: Rostov-on-Don Festival 2012, Russia

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  • Iron - Steven Quinn
  • Tara - Tami Lee Santimyer
  • Carb - Daniel Wyland
  • Iron's Motorcycle Double - Larry Curran
  • Additional Motorcyclists
    • Andrè Lea
    • Wayne Lund
    • Andraise Scott
  • ASL Interpreter - Sabrina Bergman
  • Dance Teacher - Yolanta Rozynek
  • Pianist - Kraig B. Greff
  • Tonio - Andrew Weidig
  • Tara's Mother - Rita Corey
  • Michelle, Carb ‘s Sister - Ivana Genievsky
  • Earl, Iron ‘s Father - Larry Curran
  • Nurse - Kirstyn Indgjer
  • Bass Player - Christopher Huntington
  • Curious Girl at Party - Annalee Laird
  • Party Attendees
    • Bonnie Kasperek
    • Amanda Lilly
    • Samantha Knopp
    • Mike Pierce
    • Kim Shapiro
    • Joseph Trageser


  • Alexander Genievsky
  • Jacqueline Greff
  • Frank Tybush


  • Alexander Genievsky


  • Original Script - Alexander Genievsky
  • Script Editors - Frank Tybush & Elizabeth Tybush


  • Director of Photography - Jacqueline Greff
  • Additional Camera - Bonnie Kasperek


  • Sabrina Bergman
  • Tami Lee Santimyer


  • Assistant Director - Frank Tybush
  • Production Assistants
    • Bonnie Kasperek
    • Elizabeth Tybush
    • Kim Shapiro
    • Mike Pierce (party scene)
    • Joe Trageser (party scene)
    • Chris Huntington (party scene)
  • Audio Kraig B. Greff


  • Jacqueline Greff
  • Blake Rolen (title sequence graphics)
  • Kim Shapiro (hospital scene)
  • Frank Tybush (trailer & cover graphics)


  • Original Compositions - Kraig B. Greff
  • All Keyboards - Kraig B. Greff
  • Audio Postproduction - Kraig B. Greff
  • Vocalist - Rick Olaguer
  • Guitar - Chris Everett
  • Bass - Daniel Hones


  • Shannon Cooley, Shannon‘s Teahouse & Arts Gallery, Frederick, MD (opening scene)
  • Ron & Gail Furman, Max’s Taphouse, Baltimore, MD (closing party scene)
  • Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC
  • The Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick, MD
  • Lori Bonheyo
  • Gene Bergman
  • Claire Bergman
  • Grace Walker
  • Tom Walker

Contains Portions of "Dawn Of The Mime" Copyright 2009 Frank Tybush & Buddharat Productions

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