Animated Explainer Videos


Explain your product, service, process or procedure in a fully animated video. 1-3 minute animated video to explain your company, service or product.


  • Communicating your company’s unique value proposition
  • Demonstrate how your service or product can solve a problem
  • Trainings & Orientations
  • Business Presentations


  1. Project manager works with client to define message, audience, overall style and video parameters. Based on these, the project manager selects a scriptwriter, artist and animator for the project.
  2. Scriptwriter talks to client, researches topic and suggests 2-3 optional approaches; client chooses approach & scriptwriter drafts script. Client must agree to the final script before moving to Step 3.
  3. Graphic artist creates a storyboard with rough drafts of each shot which will be animated, each character and each background. Client must agree to all before moving to Step 4.
  4. Narration recording of the script. Client can choose voice-over talent from recorded samples from several people. Client can select from several optional recorded “takes” but in most cases will need to pay for re-recording by the same or alternate voice talent.
  5. Animation: Client may “tweak” the animation in this stage, but may not change the basic characters or backgrounds previously agreed. Client must agree to the final animation before moving to Step 6.
  6. Audio post-production, i.e., mixing narration, music track and sound effects. Client may work with us to create original music or select a library music track. Music must be agreed to be final before other audio can be mixed.


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