Our packages are designed as an easy way to estimate the costs of a project. If your project meets the criteria for a specific package, we guarantee that price, even if we end up spending additional time or resources. For a few projects, such as very simple edits, it may be less expensive to use our à la carte prices below, and we will always quote these if we think this will lower your costs. In some instances, a project would profit from additional resources, or "Add-ons".


The prices below are estimates. They will increase if more time, equipment, or higher skill levels are required.

  • Additional videographer with camera and basic audio package, 1/2 day: $450
    for example, to add testimonials or specially-filmed b-roll to our "Message with a Voice" package or to add an additional videographer to one of our multi-camera performance packages
  • Make-up artist, especially helpful for interviews: $250
  • Supplemental animation and/or stock footage: $500
  • Professional actor/spokesperson or voice-over narration: $500
  • Order-taking and fulfillment for performance DVDs: See PERFORMANCES & DANCE RECITALS

À La Carte Prices

These à la carte prices are based on the amount of work, equipment and skill required to perform a service.  We also offer several packages with simplified pricing. In most cases, the package price is about the same as what would be calculated from the detailed à la carte pricing.

These are basic rates. More demanding projects may require specialized professionals or more expensive equipment, which could raise the price. Please feel free to call (410-675-0591) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a detailed estimate.


We do not charge for the initial meeting to understand and plan a project. For simple projects, this single meeting is all that is needed. However, larger projects may require a script, location scouting, permits, budgeting, hiring of specialized crew, etc. Below are common pre-production expenses.

  • Producer: $350/half day ($90/hour)
  • Scriptwriting: $75/hour
  • Casting session(s): $500 & up


Production is the actual shooting of the video. Simple projects often require only a videographer, camera and basic microphone equipment. For this type of project, our rates are:

  • Videographer: $300/half day
  • Video camera (4K or HD professional camcorder) and basic audio equipment (wireless and/or wired lavalier, hand-held and shotgun microphones): $150/half day or $200/full day
  • Lighting kit (late-model ikan LED soft lights and stands): $100/day

For more important video or more challenging shooting situations, common additions are:

  • Audio recordist: $300/half day
  • Audio mobile package (high-end microphones, mixer, and recorder): $150/half day or $200/full day
    These rates for an audio recordist and audio mobile package above also apply to location audio recordings done without accompanying video.
  • Production assistant: $200/half day

For projects requiring actors and/or voice talent, commercial rates for area professionals are available on the SAG-AFTRA web page (www.sagaftra.org/wma/local-production-information). Even if you prefer to work with non-union talent, these rates are a helpful guide to pricing for area professionals.

Recording at our facility

We have space to video and/or audio record 1-2 speakers or instrumentalists. The room features state-of-the-art acoustic treatments and audio recording equipment. The studio offers fabric backgrounds in a choice of black, white, green or wood-look. Cost:

  • $100/hour audio or video (includes videographer or audio engineer), plus 1/2 hour set-up for video
  • $150/hour video with separate recording studio audio processing (includes videographer and audio engineer), plus 1/2 hour set-up
  • $150/hour live streaming video (includes streaming technician and videographer), plus 1/2 hour set-up


For many of our projects, at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the total budget goes into post-production. Editing of any kind is time-consuming, and the more editing, the more polished the finished piece. The following rates cover most of our services:

  • Basic video editing: $60/hour ($75/hour for projects requiring >5 hours)
  • Specialized or more demanding editing, e.g., animation, motion graphics, audio postproduction, color correction, DVD menu design: $90/hour
  • Original music: $500 & up
  • Voice-over talent: often ~$500, but varies, especially if broadcast is involved
  • DVD/flash drive short run duplication
    • 1-10 DVDs in cases with graphic inserts and labels printed on disc: $5 each plus tax & shipping
    • 10+ DVDs in cases with graphic inserts and labels printed on disc: $3.50 each
    • Flash drives in protective cases with graphic inserts and labeling on the drive: $6 each
  • NEW - Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs)*: We've partnered with ProCuts Editing Services in Crofton, MD to offer the preparation of DCP files for playback on a Digital Cinema Projector. Pricing starts at $100 set-up plus $3.00/minute file conversion. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (410-675-0591) for more information.

* What is a DCP? According to Filmmaker Magazine, DCP is a file-based format that has quickly become the standard for theater screenings both for major releases and film festivals, allowing your film to be projected by a digital projector. If you need a DCP, it's theoretically possible to create it yourself, but the requirements are highly technical, the open source software can be buggy, and the learning curve is steep.

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