Narrated Message Visualization

This is a scripted 1-5 minute video message with narration plus your visual materials & information, including added text, motion graphics illustrations, existing footage and images with a music bed. In place of a voice-over narrator, you can substitute your on-camera spokesperson filmed in our studio.

Ideal For

  • Advocacy videos
  • Explanation of services for a non-profit or business
  • Promotional and training videos

$1,000 price includes

  • Meeting with a Tonal Vision producer and scriptwriter, who will help refine your message/script and give suggestions on graphics.
  • Edit existing video, photos, diagrams, etc., and create text, motion graphics and simple animation to support your message.
  • Record Tonal Vision narrator or record or film a spokesperson you provide, in our studio (1-hour maximum session; can include teleprompter).
  • Edit in narration, background music from our music library and sound effects (if applicable).
  • Provide your finished video in the format(s) desired.

Added-cost options

  • Write script and create detailed story-board for approval before proceeding with edit
  • Voice-over artist
  • Video from a stock footage library (we can edit in a "comp" for approval before purchasing)
  • Interviews and other newly-recorded footage: See our À La Carte pricing for new video shoots.
  • More advanced 2D animation: See our Explainer & Other Animated Videos.
  • Original music or library music not available from Tonal Vision's in-house music library (we can edit in a "comp" for approval before purchasing library music)

Our Process

  • Initial consultation with Tonal Vision producer (no charge unless you decide to move forward)
  • If you decide to move forward and want any of the add-ons above, we will develop a written estimate.
  • To start the project, you'll need to provide the purpose and message of video, a description of your audience, available statistics & supporting information, any available photos, video, logos, etc.
  • We'll review your material then schedule a brainstorming session with Tonal Vision's producer & scriptwriter.
  • If you decide on our optional scripting and storyboarding, we'll develop them and allow you to make any needed changes. The script should be final before recording narration. There will be an additional change to change the narration after it is recorded.
  • We record narration; edit in visuals and add music. We aim for a 2-week turn-around unless you need it sooner. We usually provide draft videos on a Vimeo review page, but you can substitute YouTube, Dropbox or other service.
  • Two rounds of changes are included at no charge.
  • We will provide final video in as many formats as desired, e.g., YouTube, mp4, DVD or Blu-ray, etc. We’ll also archive our original materials so you can make future lower-cost modifications.


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