Tonal Vision's Recording Studio

Tonal Vision offers a small, professional recording studio. The room is set up for good acoustics and offers excellent lighting, high-end audio recording equipment, and live-streaming. The studio uses a Logic-based digital recording and editing console with a Genelec system, and is also equipped with HD and 4K video cameras.

Ideal For

  • Music production, recording, mixing and mastering
  • Voice and sound recordings, such as voice-overs, podcasts and foley
  • Live-streaming performances, panel discussions, training sessions
  • Single and small-group video recordings for marketing, training and fundraising videos
  • Simple music videos
  • Demos for competitions, college admissions and employment


  • Music recording: $60/hour (discounted rate for musicians only)
  • Other audio recording: $100/hour (includes audio engineer)
  • Video recording: $125/hour (includes videographer, camera and lighting). For teleprompter, add $50/hour.
  • Video and audio recording or live streaming: $150/hour video (includes videographer and audio engineer or steaming technician)


  • Steinway 9' Model D concert grand piano wired for recording (located on 1st floor)
  • Music composition, arranging & production
  • Fabric backgrounds in a choice of black, white, green or wood-look lit by LED lighting panels
  • Teleprompter

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Filmed and/or recorded in our studio, many against a green screen background

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