Tonal Vision has a special program for filming performances sponsored by educational institutions (schools, dance studios, theatre groups, etc.) where the finished videos are designed to be sold to parents, family and other performance attendees. We can also work with you to handle the entire order/shipping process.




Package options

  • Basic video - $1,000 (1 videographer; 2 cameras)
  • Premium video - $1,750 (2 videographers; up to 4 cameras)
  • Charge is per recital. We have to pay videographers to stay for longer time periods or for several days. We also have to edit each recital separately. Usually, only one performance will fit on a single DVD.

All packages include

Experienced videographer(s) with high-definition cameras and high-quality microphones at your event

Complete editing:

  • Cuts between wide and close cameras by an experienced editor
  • Addition of performer credits
  • Mixing music tracks and sounds from the stage with audience reactions/clapping and clapping
  • Color correction so shots look the same color and brightness
  • Custom-designed DVD/Blu-ray menus and set-up
  • Custom-designed case insert and disc label based on your program
  • Short trailer (YouTube playlist of trailers for repeat customers). For music, we use our own original compositions or licensed library music to avoid copyright issues when posting online If desired, we also provide a “Behind the scenes” video.
  • Any mix of single DVDs and DVD/Blu-ray 2-disc sets (download links and digital copies available on request)

Recommended add-on: Order-taking and fulfillment

We handle everything for you, including designing order forms, staffing a sales table at your event, selling from our web site, paying credit card fees and sales tax, shipping and tracking orders. Our order/fulfillment cost of $12.50/DVD, which includes labor, credit card & web sales fees, sales tax and shipping costs.

To calculate the sales price based on an estimate of sales, take the package price ($1,000 or $1,750), divide by the number of expected sales (per performance if you are having us film multiple performances), and add $12.50/DVD. For example:

  • Basic Package
    • $25 price = 80 sales
    • $30 price = 57 sales
    • $35 price = 44 sales
    • $40 price = 36 sales
    • $45 price = 29 sales
    • $50 price = 27 sales
  • Premium Package
    • $30 price = 100 sales
    • $35 price = 78 sales
    • $40 price= 64 sales
    • $45 price = 54 sales
    • $50 price = 47 sales
    • $55 price = 41 sales

To qualify

  • Provide us with a digital version of all music or a board feed to one of our cameras during the performance.
  • Provide us with a digital version of your program before we start to edit. The digital version of the program should be set up so we can highlight names and paste them into credits. We can provide a memory stick and/or upload link, if helpful.
  • Provide a sales table for us and/or advertise where parents can purchase DVDs if we are handling the sales.
  • Guarantee that we will be the only ones videotaping the performance (except casual cell-phone shots by audience members in their seats).
  • Acknowledge Tonal Vision in the program and before the event.

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