Tonal Vision now offers live streaming as one of our services. Streaming is often used for news and announcements, concerts and festivals, and sports. Live streamed video is immediate, unedited, and offers the opportunity to interact with the presenters/performers. For more information on whether streaming would be a good investment for you, see our blog article, "Should We Be Streaming?"

Strategic Considerations

The following questions will help define your needs and strategy so we can more easily provide pricing. For major productions, work with your marketing and PR staff to help make these decisions.

  • Where do you want your video to be seen? Free platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, are the simplest and least expensive. Many services allow you to embed their stream in your website. Streaming to several platforms and websites will reach more viewers but will also add to the cost and complexity. It's also possible to password-protect a private event or even charge viewers to watch.
  • What kind of viewer experience are you aiming for? A single speaker or panel without slides and visuals can be covered with one camera, greatly simplifying the production. In contrast, large audiences paying to view a big-name concert performance will expect multiple camera angles and moving shots. When the action lulls, they will also appreciate short interviews and a trip behind-the-scenes.
  • How critical is it to avoid failure? This question is important because it will have a huge impact on cost. Factors which help ensure success:
    • A highly skilled streaming technician with years of experience will know how to deal with almost any problem.
    • Better equipment doesn't just offer more capabilities. It is also designed be trouble-free and to help protect against common issues.
    • A preliminary dry run will allow presenters to rehearse and technicians to test equipment and the internet connection. Ideally, this should be done far enough in advance to allow for replacements and tweaks, but close enough to the event that no important changes will occur.
    • An experienced producer can ensure the necessary testing is done in advance and that disaster plans are in place. For a complex production, a producer will also add value by working with your staff to ensure their goals are met and to help avoid legal issues, such as privacy, publicity and intellectual property/copyright.

Additional Details

  • What kind of internet connection can you provide? Broadband internet with an ethernet connection is ideal. Wifi will work if a physical connection isn't possible. If you can't provide any internet connection, we will need to rely on cell phone or mobile hot spot transmission, which is lower in quality and much riskier.
  • Is one camera enough, or do you want multiple visual sources? If you decide to have multiple sources going into a switcher, possibilities include cameras with hard-wired connections to the switcher; moving or remote cameras with wireless video transmitters; slides, pre-recorded video and overlays; and even green screen backgrounds with virtual sets.
  • Do you have on-site IT and AV support? If not, we may need to add additional staff and equipment to ensure we have good sound and can quickly address any internet technical problems.
  • Approximately how long will the stream be?
  • To what platform(s) do you want to stream?
  • Do you want the video to remain available afterward?
  • Do you want the video edited afterward in any way? For example, you might want a highlights video or short excerpts. Editing can also polish the video for longer-term viewing by removing dead time and performer stumbles, evening out sound levels, and correcting color.


  • Basic streaming package:  Single camera streaming to a free platform, such as Facebook or YouTube:  $1,250
    Price includes 1 streaming technician with an HD video encoder, 1 videographer with 1 HD camera, and 1 production assistant at your location streaming for up to 90 minutes.
  • Premium streaming package:  3 cameras streaming to a free platform, such as Facebook or YouTube: $2,000
    Price includes 1 streaming technician with an HD video encoder and switcher, 2 videographers with 3 HD video cameras that are hard-wire connected to the switcher, and 1 production assistant streaming at your location for up to 90 minutes.
  • Streaming from our studio: $150/hour, including 1/2 hour for set-up
    Price includes streaming technician and videographer; up to 2 cameras; choice of black, white, green or wood-look background (photos above)streaming to a free platform, such as Facebook or YouTube.
  • Anything else requires a formal estimate, including streaming to several platforms at once and pay per view streaming.


We live-streamed a series of events for Baltimore County, including the 2016, 2017 and 2018
County Executive Budget Messages and the December 2018 inauguration of the new County
Executive, Johnny Olszewski Jr. at Towson University SECU Arena.

One camera streaming through a cell phone with no internet connection.

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Our Mice in the Attic streaming music program, also available on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

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