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Video marketing is a great way to connect with your target audience. By visualizing key aspects of your unique selling proposition, a promotional video can help you attract, convert and sell to potential customers. Tonal Vision helps small local business owners increase their brand recognition through well-crafted promotional videos that promote their products, services and value proposition.


  • Advertising: Originally designed for TV/Cable, but increasingly also online, these videos have tight time constraints and other restrictions. To be effective, they need to be memorable, grabbing attention in the first few seconds, with high production value and a clear call to action. For Advertising videos, we recommend starting with our Narrated Message package, and adding the scripting and storyboarding option.
  • Marketing and Promotional Videos: These videos communicate to followers on social media platforms and are also frequently used in sales presentations and trade shows. Basic, Premium, and Narrated Message packages are options to consider, depending on the video.
  • Branding: Use an explainer video to describe your business or service. Post interviews with company executives or customers. Or even create a short narrative film that highlights the need for your services or products. Our Narrated Message and Animated Explainer Videos are good options for branding videos.
  • Training & How To Videos can demonstrate how to use your product, illustrate how to solve a problem, and clarify the benefits of your service. They are also useful for employee onboarding and training. Consider our Basic, Premium, and Narrated Message packages for these videos.
  • Explainer Videos are quick video explanations, often cartoon-style, of what you do, how you can solve your customer's problem, how your product or service works, or why your company is better than the competition. Consider our Animated Explainer Videos, Basic, Premium, and Narrated Message packages for these videos.

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