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Tonal Vision has a special program for filming school musical and theatrical performances and dance recitals in the Baltimore/Washington metro area. We deliver these performance videos through your choice of media, including downloads, DVDs and flash drives.

Standard Features

  • Our videos include the entire performance, with dead time edited out at the beginning and end, as well as between songs
  • Performer credits, either after each number or at the end of the video
  • An opening trailer/highlights video
  • Balanced audio, which includes a mix of the actual songs, audience reactions & performers on stage
  • A mix of cameras so viewers can see close-ups, wide shots and different angles. Videos are color-corrected so the shots match as much as possible.
  • We guarantee our work -- if any discs fail to play correctly, we mail a free replacement with no questions asked.

Our Process

  • Tonal Vision's Producer provides an initial basic consultation in our office, by phone or by email; chooses personnel; schedules your shoot and edit; and oversees the project to completion.
  • Our Producer will email a booking confirmation, including the date, time and location of the performance and the agreed-upon details. We regard this email exchange as a contract and will be scheduling crew and equipment based on this agreement, so it's important to let us know if any details are incorrect or if anything changes.
  • A few days in advance of your performance, our Producer will email you with contact information for our videographer, the "estimated completion date" for your finished videos (if not provided previously) and our needs the day of the performance. These will include:
    • An electronic copy of the program, which we use to design your artwork and for performer credits, and
    • Electronic copies of the music, which we can get as a board feed from the sound booth, copies on a flash drive or CDs, or via our Dropbox upload link.
  • As close to the estimated completion date as possible, we will mail (or email) the completed videos to you and/or to your families per our agreement.
  • We will maintain editable files from the performance for several months in case a change is needed for any reason. If you are a repeat client, we will keep archives of past videos for up to five years, as long as we continuously work together, so we can provide additional copies upon request.

If you need assistance deciding which package is right for your performance or have other questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us (410-675-0591).


  • Basic Package       $1,000

    1 videographer, up to 4 hours
    2 cameras (wide & close-up), tripod & microphones
    Complete basic editing

    Additional performances on same day: $850 each
    See below for performances longer than 3 hours

  • Premium Package     $1,750

    2 video pros, up to 4 hours
    2-4 cameras (HD or 4K), tripods & microphones
    Complete basic editing plus motion graphics

  • Options

    • Basic performances longer than 3 hours: $250/hour (includes filming and editing)
    • Travel: $2/mile for distances >50 miles from our office plus additional expenses if overnight travel is required*
    • Live-streaming to your Zoom**: no charge
    • "Behind the Scenes" video: no charge
    • "Teachers Edition" DVDs (just the wide camera): no charge
    • Day-after copy of the wide camera video: no charge
    • Digtial downloads of finished videos: no charge
    • Duplication:
    • - $3.50 each for DVDs (15 minimum)
      - $5.00 each for high definition flash drives
    • Order-taking & fulfillment***: $14/video
    * We occasionally work with distant locations. In that case, we prefer you hire a local videographer and we can handle the editing: $550 (basic = 1 performance) or $850 (premium = 2 performances).
    ** Assumes we connect one of our cameras to your laptop and that you manage the streaming. Must be ordered in advance.
    *** Families can order from our store. We pay sales tax, duplicate and mail orders directly to them. This price does not include staffing to sell at your event. If total sales are not enough to cover our costs, we will invoice for the balance due.


  • Premium Package highlights video

  • Highlights video from Premium Package with an additional videographer

  • Basic Package highlights video

  • Basic Package "Behind the Scenes" video

  • Basic Package highlights video

  • Highlights video from Premium Package including GoPros

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