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Strategic messaging is an extremely effective tool. It is also difficult to do well. That's why it has mostly been used by larger organizations which can afford to spend substantial amouts of time and money planning and mapping out their communications strategy.

We have years of experience creating videos that communicate clearly, are interesting to watch, artistically pleasing, and affordable. All of our video packages include a no-cost, no commitment introductory meeting during which we’ll help define what you are trying to accomplish with your video, the approach and tools that would be most effective, and what resources will be required. At that point, we can recommend one of our flat rate packages or develop a customized cost estimate which will allow you to decide whether or not to move forward and how to budget for the project.

If you need assistance deciding which package is right for your project or have other questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us (410-675-0591).


  • Animated PSA encouraging effective recycling.

  • Pro bono advocacy video

  • Advocacy video from historic organization.

  • Pro Bono Advocacy Video

  • COVID era short financed by PPP funding.


    • Basic Package       $1,000

      1 videographer, 1/2 day
      1-2 cameras (HD or 4K), tripod & microphones
      Complete basic editing

      Just need filming? $450
      Just need editing? $550
          (Video from 1 half-day shoot)

    • Premium Package     $1,750

      2 video pros, 1/2 day - or 1 videographer, full day
      2-3 cameras (HD or 4K), tripods & microphones
      Lighting kit, gimbal and/or teleprompter
      Complete basic editing plus motion graphics

      Just need filming? $900
      Just need editing? $850
          (Video from up to 2 half-day shoots)

    • Options

      • Additional crew: $300/half day
      • Teleprompter: $100/half day
      • Lighting kit: $100/day
      • Additional video camera: $100/half day
      • Live streaming: contact us for quote
      • Video editing, hourly: $60/hour (replaces flat rate price for small jobs)
      • Voice-over: $400 or cost
      • Music: cost
      • Stock photos & video: cost
      • DVD menu design: $100