Legacy Dance Company

Legacy Dance Company

The Legacy Dance Company builds on the legacy created by Ms. Shirley Darling, who provided dance instruction to the Dundalk, Maryland area from 1968 to 2018. The Legacy Dance Company is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and enjoyable learning experience for all. The aim of our program is to allow our participants to learn the art of dance and all of its skills and techniques within a supportive dance community that encourages healthy life choices and achievement both inside and outside of our dance family. We seek to bolster self-confidence and self-discipline throughout our program while we celebrate the collaboration of all our members as the true strength behind all our successes.

June 9, 2019

This is a one videographer/two camera professional production with close-ups of dancers and full views of stage. Our full-featured DVDs include sharable trailers, dancer credits and graphic menus with links to individual songs.

Estimated ship date: August 19.

- DVD: $34.91 + $2.09 tax + $3 shipping = $40
- High definition Blu-ray/DVD 2-disc set: $39.62 + $2.38 tax + $3 shipping = $45
- 2 DVDs: $58.49 + $3.51 tax + $3 shipping = $65
- 2 Blu-ray/DVD sets: $72.64 + $4.36 tax + $3 shipping = $80


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