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Upper Falls Dance Academy's first priority is to provide a warm and caring environment where students can learn and explore dance and the benefits that are derived from its study. Upper Falls is committed not only to training dancers, but also to challenge them to develop the discipline of mind, body and spirit that is so important to their ultimate success in life.

Tonal Vision has been filming Upper Fall's annual recitals since 2010. 2016 was the first year when we handled sales as well. Check out our Upper Falls Dance Academy YouTube playlist.

June 18, 2022 Performance

Our videographer will be filming with two cameras, then we'll edit the show to provide a blend of close-ups of the dancers and full views of the stage and choreography. Estimated ship date is August 15.


- DVD: $30.19 + $1.81 tax + $3 shipping = $35
- USB Flash Drive (high definition video): $30.19 + $1.81 tax + $3 shipping = $35
- 2 DVDs: $58.49 + $3.51 tax + $3 shipping = $65
- 2 USB Flash Drives: $58.49 + $3.51 tax + $3 shipping = $65


Upper Falls Dance Archive DVDs

We have the following performances available:

  • 2021: Hot Off the Press (DVD and USB Flash Drives available)
  • 2019: Flashback - UFD 40 years (DVD & Blu-ray available)
  • 2018: Baltimore (DVD & Blu-ray available)
  • 2017: Take Me to Neverland (DVD & Blu-ray available)
  • 2016: Wandering Through Wonderland (DVD & Blu-ray available)
  • 2015: Golden Ticket (DVD only)
  • 2014: Beyond the Rainbow (DVD only)
  • 2013: NYC (DVD only)
  • 2012: The Dancing Princesses (DVD only)
  • 2011: A Bright New Day (DVD only)


$30.19 + $1.81 tax + $3.00 shipping (only 1 shipping charge per order) = $35.00
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or special orders, such as Blu-ray discs and flash drives.
Archive DVDs are made to order. If you accidentally order the wrong performance and don't let us know quickly, there is a $10 service charge to replace the DVD.

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